Second Floor Time Lapse

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Another funky tune sets the stage for the Second floor time lapse of the build.

You can see how the windows use a smaller MgO Panel, and then a traditional header.  We follow up later and but a foam backer on it and seal it.

The Interior shots of the home are renders that we made.

Cabinets are in…

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Cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms are now installed and it is bringing the house together.

We will post some interior shots soon, looking good.  Nice bright open plan on the main, great

for entertaining.



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Second floor panels were placed, and main floor windows installed.




We will have a second floor time lapse soon.

We hoisted up the truss package and are installing over the next 2 days.

Using SIPs to Construct Energy Efficient Homes

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There are several options to choose from when building for energy efficiency.

  • Double Walls
  • Spray Foam
  • Insulated Concrete Forms
  • Structural Insulated Panels or SIPs

Each method has it’s pros and cons.  We chose SIPs for these reasons.

  1. Tight building envelope
  2. High R Value for it’s thickness
  3. Simple Construction Method
  4. Speed of Install
  5. Zero flame spread – will not ignite or burn
  6. Does not mold or mildew
  7. Clean Construction with little waste factor
  8. They helped us stay within our budget

Here are a couple of short Videos showing how to Install.